A Decade Plus 1

Tomorrow my handsome young man turns 11. I have always loved that his birthday is on Pi Day (3.14) especially since he likes math so much. My first born baby, this mama's boy is truly the light of my life. 

Little stud muffin. He is quite particular when he gets a hair cut too.
(Currently he is trying to copy Tony Starks hair, but i've been told "not Iron Man 1 or 2 hair, only Iron Man 3")

He hates to lose at chess. He will sit and look at the board 
forever until he can figure out how to beat me. 
(Even if that means moving MY pieces when I'm not looking!)

He is an adventurous bugger too. Here he is being towed behind my husbands truck in the snow. His face was frozen but he was still laughing.

He cracks me up!
(But he is reaching the age where he will only be 
silly with mom if people aren't looking)

He loves a good food challenge. This boy can chow down! 
(His favorites are finding the places that did "Man vs. Food")

They drive each other crazy sometimes but they are the best of friends.

Happy Birthday Little Dude. I love you.

au revoir, adieu, ciao, till next time… 

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