Another Year

This morning I awoke to the sweet sounds of my son scurrying around the kitchen, trying to secretly make me breakfast in bed. 

Then this afternoon I was treated to a matinee showing of "Barbie and A Mermaid Tail" in my daughters room. 

I love how in their own little ways, they make me feel special. It has nothing to do with money spent, only that they care. And It's adorable to see how excited they get doing these sweet things on my birthday. I love them so much. 

Normally I am all about the birthday, I have never quite understood why people hate getting just one year older. 

I get it now...

I do not like this getting older thing. It has nothing to do with the lines slowly appearing on my face, or the white hairs I find popping up in my hair line, or the tired muscles in my back. It has everything to do with them. 

One more year gone by. 

A reminder that everything changes and we only get so long to do everything we hope together. 

I know, depressing right? 

Last night I was a mess. My usual night before my birthday excitement was replaced with anxiety, stress and sadness. What gives? I don't want to feel like this! Yes, I woke up to the 2 cutest well-wishers ever, but I still have yet to completely shake this feeling of the sands of time slipping away. So on this my 1,756th year (ok maybe i'm not that old), I have decided to make it count. To not sit around and waste time. To play with them more while they still want me to. Laugh every single day and be thankful for every blessing God has given me. 

Cherish it all. 

Even those days when you wake up and find you are another year older. 

au revoir, adieu, ciao, till next time... 

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Delusional Me said...

Beautifully written :-)